NYC to begin enforcing weight limits for trucks on crumbling BQE next week

New York City will finally start enforcing weight limits for vehicles on the crumbling Brooklyn-Queens Expressway next week, doling out hefty fines to the owners of overweight trucks.

Starting Monday, Nov. 13, the city’s Department of Transportation (DOT) will begin issuing $650 fines to the owners of trucks traveling northbound on the BQE weighing more than 80,000 pounds. Trucks are weighed on the move using automated sensor technology synced with license plate readers, called “weigh-in-motion” (WIM), which has never before been deployed on an American highway.

The sensors are only deployed on the city-owned section of the BQE between Atlantic Avenue and Sands Street in Brooklyn, which includes the “triple cantilever” through Brooklyn Heights. The rest of the highway in Brooklyn and Queens is owned by the state.