Migrant crisis: Texas Governor Abbott, who bussed thousands of asylum seekers to New York, deflects blame to Biden during Big Apple visit

For more than a year, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been busing migrants from the southern U.S. border to places like New York, Washington and Chicago, prompting angry complaints from Democratic officials in those cities.

The local authorities have said the influx of homeless, jobless newcomers is unsustainable.

Speaking in New York Wednesday, the Republican Abbott agreed it was “unsustainable,” but said he’s not the person most to blame.

“The lead importer of migrants to New York is not Texas, it’s Joe Biden,” he said at a breakfast event held by the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank. Abbott said he began the busing program in response to the plight of the small border towns in his state who do not have the resources to deal with border crossers.