Meet the Candidates: General Election | Vito LaBella, State Senate District 17

Retired New York City Police Department Lieutenant, Vito LaBella is running for Senate in District 17 to help protect the families that he previously served as a member of the police force. LaBella started on his recent journey to public office by leading protests over the Brooklyn Bridge, heading rallies and testifying in front of legislators over issues of safety and now intends to head to Albany to enact further change.
When he retired, LaBella had no intention of coming out of retirement to start a career in politics, but he, amongst 100 other retired police officers, made the decision to step up and work to take back the city. In Albany, LaBella’s first step will be to repeal all pro-criminal laws enacted over the past few years. This includes more than just Bail Reform, he also intends to appeal Raise the Age and Discovery Reform.