Sheinkopf Speaks: Maloney’s good fight in a man’s world

Congress Member Carolyn Maloney (D – Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn) during House Oversight Committee hearing on gun violence. Wednesday, June 8, 2022. Photo courtesy of Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office.
Hank Sheinkopf

Truth often gets lost at the intersection in political campaigns where  fear of losing meets what would I ever do if I had to really make a living not from the public payroll nor from family money.  

It feels like the toughest of times now in a town where we keep  learning of people who unwittingly commit suicide by simply crossing streets, the green light with them. 

There are no rules these days. You can pee where you want, and everything else as they used to say, showing your whole business. Many people are screeching  aloud at these sights as they finish watching and then tipping muscular types who shove boxes filled with the innards of once occupied Manhattan apartments into the backs of moving vans.

In the campaign of elimination—one US congressmember has to go—it’s Jerrold Nadler versus Carolyn Maloney with never-congressmember Suraj Patel’s consultants have probably convinced him–that after taking as much money from him as they can–they also know a decorator for his Washington office.

Patel’s geniuses yell last week–while Maloney’s on the floor of the House of Representatives battling for tougher gun laws–that they know a deep dark something about something about something about the Congresswomen, Carolyn Maloney.

The Patel gang—who gave us recently Governor Jumaane Williams—are asking us to disbelieve Maloney’s record. Maloney is the woman who was headlined for fighting guns, who funded a Covid-19 testing vaccination center, and a women and children health care locale, in neighborhoods where the need is greatest, serving those who are forgotten and who die from conditions that never get beyond the hello and now be gone stage in higher income communities.

And yes, contrary to what Jerry Nadler claims it was Maloney not Nadler who got the Second Avenue Subway built.

Truth was never part of any political campaign menu. You kept to the facts at your own expense. Honesty rarely got you to the place where they say put your hand on the bible, salute the flag, sign the documents and take the title.

Every once in a while we get to see the flaws in our elected officials ourselves. We can balance good against bad against  excellent and against just plain old lousy.

The men are ganging up against the woman this time. They take her accomplishments as their own. They tell out of context tales and try to sell them as truth. And they will get away  with it.  If we let them.

Talking only about where you stand means nothing. If politician gab was product, we’d have lower gas prices because we’d have a surplus of high octane. If every time a pol started a sentence with you know me, and then added the words we must, try asking why we must if they did and if so why are we still talking about it? 

She fought guns, built the subway, and did more than say phrases that begin with we must and you know where I stand. The poor know it. So do the people who ride the Second Avenue Subway. 

This isn’t an endorsement. Just a way to say things are out of control and it feels like we are losing the battle. Yes that battle. The one that begins with truth. And justice. And saving New York.

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