Op-Ed: Congressman Nadler why are you Refusing to Debate Lindsey Boylan?


Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-Manhattan’s West Side, Brooklyn) has served in the United States Congress for the past 28 years. During his tenure, he has got less than five bills passed into law by Congress.

Lindsey Boylan

Now, for the first time in his political career, he is facing a challenge from an energetic candidate with decades of experience in Lindsey Boylan

Lindsey has spent her life in senior positions in government fighting for more economic initiatives to enhance our communities through the creation of jobs and economic development projects in New York City.

Lindsey, in her capacity a special assistant to Governor Cuomo, helped pass the family leave and the $15 minimum wage laws in the state.

Nadler who is the chairman of the Judiciary Committee has been the congressman representing an area that is the hub and center of New York City’s financial center.

As this campaign is about the future of our district a debate of all issues confronting our community is important. A refusal to debate is an insult to all New Yorkers that care and yearn for a better community

As Americans, we are facing the biggest threat to our democracy with the COVID-19 virus. Our community has the right to hear from our elected officials on their stand on all issues affecting our communities.

Mr. Nadler stand up and agree to debate Lindsey Boylan.

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