[Un] Correct New York With Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams


Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is a blessing to know as a person. He is well-spoken, a great listener and extremely gracious in manner.

A product of Brownsville and Southeast Queens, Adams grew up in modest means, but with a loving mother and five siblings. He went on to become a New York City Transit cop and continued with the New York City Police Department when the transit police and the NYPD  merged.

While working as a transit cop, Adams worked under and with the legendary Jack Maple, who together with former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton, developed Compstat, a system of policing that has long been credited for bringing crime down across the city and has worked in other cities across the nation and around the world.

Adams also counts legendary political consultant Bill Lynch as an influence, and eventually received a masters degree from Marist College and retired from the NYPD as a captain before going on to become a state senator and now borough president.

Adams now has his sights set on becoming mayor in 2021, and he has a strong vision on how he will lead the city.

Check out this week’s [Un] Correct New York as Adams talks about all this and more.