Op-Ed: My AAPI community felt abandoned by the Democratic Party in 2022. Representation and promises kept can fix that.

If recent elections are any indication, the Democratic Party in New York has long banked on the AAPI vote without delivering on its promises to support and deliver for our community. And as a result of this frustrating oversight, there has been a decline in AAPI support for Democrats, with the AAPI vote dropping from 68% for President Biden in 2020 to 54% in 2020, and with significant segments of our community voting for Lee Zeldin and Curtis Sliwa in their recent runs for statewide office. This trend isn’t just about losing votes; it’s a significant indication of a growing disconnect within the Democratic party.

The AAPI community in New York isn’t just an electoral segment or a box to check on the campaign trail; it’s a dynamic force capable of significantly influencing the city’s and state’s political future. The Democratic Party has a vital opportunity to reforge its bond with AAPI
voters– evolving from passive reliance to proactive engagement and understanding. Or the Democratic Party will keep losing us.