Republicans could pick up more City Council seats this fall: A shift in power, or mere numbers?

A red ripple may be coming to the City Council this fall.

As Republicans have secured a stronger foothold in New York City and state politics over the past couple of years, they could gain as many as two City Council seats next year following the Nov. 7 general election. While an additional one to two seats, which would expand the six-person GOP conference to either seven or eight, won’t be enough to push a major Republican agenda in the 51-member body, party insiders say gaining more ground could attract moderate Democrats to push some of their policy goals across the finish line.

Council Minority Leader Joe Borelli, who represents part of Staten Island, predicts his party’s influence on the council will expand this fall.

“I anticipate growing in November, whether that be through picking up a seat or two, or attracting some moderate Democrats over to our side,” he said in a statement to amNewYork Metro.