Mayor, where’s my car? Adams, NYPD donate Apple AirTags to catch Bronx car thieves


Mayor Eric Adams and the NYPD are hoping to pump the brakes on soaring Bronx car thefts by having motorists in the borough tag their vehicles for free.

The mayor, NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell and Chief of Department Jeffery Maddrey joined Chairman of the Association for a Better New York Steven Rubenstein to announce that some 500 Apple AirTags will be available for free for automobile owners within the confines of the 43rd Precinct in hopes of combatting a rash of Grand Larceny Auto crimes. 

According to the mayor, these tags can be hidden anywhere inside of a vehicle and, if the car is driven, the owner will receive a notification on their cell phone alerting them that their property has been taken without their consent. Owners will also be able to track their vehicle, thus being able to notify police to exactly where the car is.