NY Lawmakers on the Move, Aug. 10, 2022

Lawmakers on the Move

Hochul lauds Biden’s signing of the Chips and Science Act

Governor Kathy Hochul

Governor Kathy Hochul yesterday lauded President Joe Biden for signing the CHIPS and Science Act, a $280 billion bill that includes channeling more than $52 billion into researching semiconductors and other scientific research in American companies with the primary aim of countering China. 

“Today is a great day for the United States — and for the State of New York. By signing the CHIPS and Science Act, President Biden will kick-start the most significant opportunity in our nation’s history to create jobs and economic growth through an expansion of semiconductor manufacturing, research and development within our borders,” said Hochul. 

“Thanks to the efforts of Majority Leader Schumer and our New York Congressional delegation, this new bipartisan law will have a major impact in New York. New York is poised to serve our nation and the world with its semiconductor needs, while strengthening our state’s economy, revitalizing communities and bringing thousands of high-tech jobs all across the state. 

“We have the locations, the tools, the universities and the workforce to lead the country’s journey back to leading the industry for decades to come. Albany’s Nanotech Complex is poised better than any other facility in the country to house the National Semiconductor Technology Center, which is on the vanguard of researching and developing new technologies we could barely dream of just a few years ago.”

AM Gibbs visits Rikers Island to observes sweltering conditions

Assemblymember Eddie Gibbs

Assemblymember Eddie Gibbs (D-Manhattan) on Monday visited the Eric M. Taylor Center on Rikers Island as a heat wave hits New York. 

Gibbs, who made history this year as the first formerly incarcerated individual to be elected to the New York State Legislature, spent 17 months on Rikers beginning when he was 17 years old. 

“As New Yorkers brace for this vicious heat wave, they are turning on their air-conditioners and fans, grabbing bags of ice, and going for a swim. For the detainees and staff at Rikers Island, there are often no such options available. Yesterday, I toured a facility on Rikers Island to see the scorching hot conditions for myself again – the same conditions as I remember from when I was detained there at 17 years old. As the temperature outside reached 94 degrees, our visit was a reminder that regardless of your stance on closing Rikers, there is a heat crisis affecting both incarcerated individuals and staff that we must address,” said Gibbs.

The Department of Corrections works year-round to install additional air conditioning units across the Department as infrastructure permits, and installed air conditioning units in 16 new housing areas before temperatures began to rise this summer. Unfortunately, DOC facility infrastructure is quite old and cannot support air conditioning across all housing areas. The Department also attempts to relocate individuals who are heat sensitive to air-conditioned units.

Dinowitz father and son applaud new traffic signal at Kappock Street 

Assemblyman Jeffery Dinowitz
City Council Member Eric Dinowitz

City Council Member Eric Dinowitz (D-Bronx) and his father, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-Bronx) yesterday applauded the city’s Department of Transportation (DOT) for installing a  traffic light at the corner of Kappock Street and Johnson Avenue.

The traffic light was installed after the lawmakers and a number of local civic leaders and activists expressed concerns about the location and the lack of pedestrian safety after a neighbor, Ruth Mullen, was struck and killed by a bus. The activation of the traffic light was announced for the end of last week. 

“The safety of our neighbors is of the utmost importance. After the tragic traffic-related death on this corner of Ruth Mullen, we immediately met with DOT and raised awareness to address the safety concerns of the neighborhood. Following this, DOT repainted the crosswalks, installed turn calming measures, improved nighttime visibility, and initiated a study to install a traffic light, as part of a series of pedestrian safety enhancements that the Assembly Member and I fought for. With the installation of this stoplight, the traffic  improvements are now complete. With the safety improvements now installed, we look forward  to increased enforcement of our traffic laws by law enforcement,” said Eric Dinowitz.

“The intersection of Johnson Avenue and Kappock Street  has long been a dangerous intersection for pedestrians, as compliance with posted stop signs was  obviously extremely low. The installation of a traffic signal will make it much clearer to both  drivers and pedestrians how to navigate the intersection safely. It should not have taken the death  of our neighbor, Ruth Mullen, to catalyze this decision but I am grateful for DOT’s action here to help save future lives. This traffic signal is not a panacea, and we will likely need periodic  enforcement of drivers’ legal obligation to yield to pedestrians who are crossing the street. But for today, this is an excellent step in the direction of improved pedestrian safety,” said Jeffrey Dinowitz.

Addabbo brings PSA blood testing to Ozone Park

State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr.

Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. (D-Queens) is once again partnering with Mount Sinai to bring a free Prostate Cancer Screening event to Ozone Park next month as September is known as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

This free screening will be open for men aged 40 and older who have never been previously diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer, whether or not they have health insurance. 

“We had the privilege of getting a dozen men their free PSA blood test at Atlas Mall in July, and I am happy to partner again with Mount Sinai to bring this great event to the Ozone Park community,” Addabbo said. “It is important that men check their prostate health, especially as they age, because early detection is the best way to combat prostate cancer. During this Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, I want to thank the medical professionals with Mount Sinai and Pastor Joel Sadaphal and staff at Living Word Christian Fellowship for their coordination on this event.” 

While registration for this event is encouraged, walk-ups will be accommodated on the day of the event. Those who register with Addabbo’s office will need to provide their name, age, date of birth, address and phone number. On the day of screening patients will be asked for their government-issued ID and insurance card, if they have one. 

During this free prostate cancer PSA blood test screening, Mount Sinai’s Robert F. Smith Prostate Cancer Screening Mobile Unit will be set up at the Living Word Christian Fellowship, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday, Sept. 19 at 132-05 Cross Bay Boulevard in Ozone Park.

To register for your free PSA blood test, contact Addabbo’s office at 718-738-1111.