Queens Lawmakers on the Move Sept. 28, 2018

Queens County City Council News

Meeks Backs Ford’s Testimony, Slams GOP

U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks

U.S. Rep. Gregory W. Meeks (D-Jamaica, Laurelton, Rosedale, Cambria Heights, Saint Albans, Springfield Gardens, Far Rockaway, JFK Airport) yesterday voiced full support for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’ testimony alleging sexual misconduct against U.S. Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh following their appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Ford alleges while in high school, Kavanaugh drunkenly jumped on her and held her down while a friend watched on until she was able to get away after the friend jumped on the bed knocking everybody off it.

“Dr. Ford’s heartbreaking testimony today before the Senate Judiciary Committee was patriotic and brave, and will no doubt inspire sexual assault victims across the country to speak out and have their stories heard,” said Meeks.

“Unfortunately, as was evident leading up to today, a majority of Senate Republicans made up their mind before the hearing was even gaveled in. Republicans have said Ford’s allegations are uncorroborated, yet they’ve failed to subpoena Mike Judge for sworn testimony. Republicans have said there is a lack of evidence and too much partisanship, yet they refused to initiate a neutral and independent FBI investigation. Between Ford and Kavanaugh, only one submitted to a lie detector test, only one called for an FBI investigation. Dr. Ford has willingly subjected herself to any and all avenues for verifying her account, whereas Kavanaugh, when asked whether there should be an FBI investigation, has repeatedly refused to answer that question.

“In the face of Ford’s credible testimony, Republicans have resorted to petulant grief about process or thin attacks on her credibility. Despite their attempts to frame this as a trial, this was not a criminal process. The standard of evidence required here is not that of a court room. This was a hearing to determine whether there is sufficient doubt about the character of Kavanaugh. In refusing Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick’s testimony, in refusing to subpoena Mike Judge or launch an FBI investigation, Republicans have demonstrated a complete disregard for the facts, and a recklessly political push to rush a vote and suppress the truth.”

Katz Holds Workshop On Surviving Partner Violence & Sexual Abuse

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz and the Mayor’s Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence, in conjunction with National Domestic Violence Awareness Month announced yesterday an upcoming public workshop on “Surviving Partner Violence & Abuse.”

The workshop is designed to empower survivors and service providers with information about the effects of intimate partner violence, how those effects can be addressed, and Queens County’s procedures for prosecuting those who commit domestic violence.

Featured speakers will share options and resources available to survivors of intimate partner violence, including housing, immigration, family court and mental health services.

“Intimate partner violence and abuse are heinous crimes that have long lasting impacts across communities,” said Katz. “In too many homes, families are robbed of their health and potential by their abusers. We must empower survivors with the strength to speak out, rise up and take back their lives.”

The workshop is slated for between 10 a.m.-12 noon, Friday, Oct. 12 at the Queens Family Justice Center, 126-02 82ndAvenue in Kew Gardens. RSVP is required to Marissa Beckett at [email protected] or 718.575.4504; space is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Comrie, Miller to Demand Justice for Life of Everett Palmer, Jr.

State Senator Leroy Comrie
Council Member I. Daneek Miller

State Sen. Leroy Comrie (D-St. Albans, Cambria Heights, Jamaica, Hollis, Rosedale, Laurelton, Kew Gardens, Queens Village ) and City Council Member I. Daneek Miller (D-Cambria Heights, Hollis, Jamaica, St. Albans, Queens Village, Springfield Gardens) and the family of Everett Palmer Jr. will call for justice on Sunday as to how the U.S. Army veteran and father of two who died under mysterious circumstances while in police custody.

It’s been nearly six months following the mysterious death of Queens native Palmer, Jr. while in police custody while the Palmer Family is still waiting for a satisfactory explanation of how the 41-year-old died after spending two days in a York County, Pennsylvania, prison.

Autopsy results released in July were inconclusive in determining the manner of Everett’s death, leaving the family with more questions than answers—such as how Everett’s toxicology report showed the presence of methamphetamine in his system despite spending two days in police custody.

The Palmer Family has hired an attorney as well as a private medical examiner to aid them in its effort to pursue the truth of the matter, which has since been complicated by the York County Coroner’s Office’s outsourcing of Everett’s brain, heart, spine and throat to a private laboratory.

Elected officials and community members will stand with the family to call attention to this unresolved case and demand to know what really happened in the hours prior to Everett’s death.

The call for a complete investigation is slated for 11 a.m., this Sunday, Sept. 30 at the Maranatha Baptist Church, 112-42 Springfield Boulevard in Queens Village.