Tom Suozzi runs for governor on three major planks


As he runs for governor of New York in the Democratic Primary on June 28 and seeks Caribbean votes, Long Island Congressman Tom Suozzi has identified three major planks for his campaign.

Suozzi – who lived in Trinidad and Tobago for three months in 1986, when he audited the Texaco Refinery there, as an accountant — told Caribbean Life on Tuesday that his major planks comprise: Proven executive – trained as a certified public accountant (CPA) and attorney, mayor for eight years, county executive for eight years and member of Congress for 5 1/2 years; Common-Sense Democrat — “will not pander to the left or back down to the right”; and Crime and Safety is #1 priority, will reduce taxes and make New York more affordable, help children in troubled schools and clean up corruption in New York State.

Suozzi said while he loves being in Congress, he is “concerned about people living in New York.

“I will have a national voice as governor,” said Suozzi, who served as mayor of his hometown, Glen Cove, New York and as the Nassau County executive before being elected to Congress in 2016. “I’m sick of my party going too far to the left and sick of the Far-Right Republicans.

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