Queens councilman teaches civics lesson to students in Ridgewood


Councilman Robert Holden visited the Notre Dame Catholic Academy in Ridgewood earlier this week to teach a civics lesson to a third-grade class and explain his role in local government.

Students were learning about government when their third-grade teacher, Adriana Livreri, thought, what better way to learn about government than bringing in a local representative?

“There is no better way to learn about our local government than from our Councilman Bob Holden,” Livreri said. “He spoke about his role in the community and what the students could do to help. They could come up with laws that could potentially get somewhere and make a difference.”

Council Member Robert Holden teaches third-graders about local government. (Photo courtesy of the Diocese of Brooklyn and Holden’s office)

As part of Holden’s lesson, he asked the students what laws they would like to see enacted. The class at the Ridgewood school had plenty of ideas on what could be done to stop the loud music in the area.

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