Council votes to approve Gowanus rezoning, ending years-long debates


The New York City Council voted nearly-unanimously on Tuesday to approve the Gowanus rezoning, officially setting the project in motion after years of planning and debate. 

“It shows that many people will accept growth within their neighborhood if they are a real part of the planning process and see it as a way to achieve shared values,” said Councilmember Brad Lander, who represents the bulk of the district set to be upzoned. “This rezoning began nearly a decade ago in grassroots community conversations. It was strengthened through robust conversation in literally scores of meetings. It was strengthened through the advocacy of the remarkable Gowanus Neighborhood Coalition for Justice, a diverse coalition of public housing residents, environmentalists, artists, small businesses and community leaders.”

Lander highlighted the rezoning’s precedence — it’s the first rezoning to undergo a racial impact study and the first rezoning in a “whiter, wealthier neighborhood,” after the implementation of Mandatory Inclusionary Housing, which will ensure all new buildings have a number of affordable apartments.

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