City Looks To Build Pre-K School Straddling Park Slope, Gowanus


The NYC School Construction Authority has proposed constructing a new Pre-K center near the border of Park Slope and Gowanus, City Council Member Brad Lander announced this week.

The proposed school, which would seat approximately 180 four year-olds, is planned for the vacant lot next to an American Legion post on 9th Street between Third and Fourth Avenues. The SCA is beginning the public review process, and will accept public comments on the site until December 13th.

The new building is part of an ongoing effort by the NYC Department of Education, the SCA, and local elected officials to insure that convenient, high-quality Pre-K seats are available for all four-year-olds, and to address school overcrowding throughout District 15 – caused by the popularity of local public schools and by new residential development.

The vacant lot on 9th Street has long been suggested by parents, advocates, and school officials looking to decrease large class sizes and over utilization rates in nearby schools. While previous assessments have found the site to be too small for a full elementary school, recent evaluations by the SCA found the site to be fitting for Pre-K specific use.

City Council Member Brad Lander
City Council Member Brad Lander

“This new, 180-seat Pre-K center on 9th Street will be a real ‘win/win’ for families in Park Slope, Gowanus, Carroll Gardens, and throughout District 15. It will both offer a convenient, high-quality option for four-year-olds, and help to reduce overcrowding in our neighborhood schools,” said Lander.

“Thanks to the NYC School Construction Authority for their creative approach, turning a vacant lot that wasn’t large enough for a full elementary school into a Pre-K center. Along with the recently-announced 436-seat addition to PS 32, this new school helps to advance the goals of our ‘Bridging Gowanus’ neighborhood planning framework by building the infrastructure we need to sustain our growing communities.”