Op-Ed | Council’s data bill will harm vulnerable New Yorkers


After a long day, you want dinner from your favorite restaurant, but the rain, exhaustion, or the distance keeps you home. So, you open an app and order on your phone, and with the push of a button, satisfy your craving, support a local restaurant, and give a delivery worker a great tip. Win-win-win. 

Except for one note: in that process, you’ve provided a lot of personal information. Your name, your address, your phone number, your credit card information, your food allergies, and more. This information is tied together with all your previous orders: the cake for your child’s school birthday party and the soup when you had the flu. This information says a lot about you, and it’s held by a technology company that has specific products and policies designed to keep your personal information safe. But because of legislation being pushed by the City Council right now, all of that private information might soon be up for grabs.