Op-Ed: TWU Local 100 Goes To Philly For Hillary

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Get on the bus.

If you are hoping and praying that a majority of Americans dump Trump on Election Day, you should be optimistic. The recent polls strongly indicate that The Donald has finally insulted and groped his way out of contention.

But Trump has been down before.

As Sean Trende recently wrote on the RealClear Politics website, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has significantly led Trump in the polls several times over the last 13 months. He then came back each time and tied it up, or narrowed the lead to a bit more than a statistical sliver.

So the most that anyone can really say about the race is this: Trump probably won’t get the keys to the White House. Probably. Most likely.

That’s not good enough considering the character Trump has demonstrated and the ramifications a Trump presidency would produce.

As everyone now knows, Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women and getting away with it because he is rich and famous. For years he pushed the racist claim that the first African-American president wasn’t legitimate because he supposedly wasn’t born in the United States, a shameful lie that he knew full well was a shameful lie.

Trump also has promised to fill the Supreme Court vacancy with a proven ultra-conservative judge. That will enable the Republican Party to continue, and perhaps finish, their onslaught against unions in America. That also would enable the Republican Party to take away a woman’s right to decide whether or not she continues a pregnancy. It’s a decision for each individual woman to make, not a government bureaucrat.

There are many other reasons, of course, why the Republican Party candidate must be stopped. Probably and most likely are not good enough odds.

On Saturday, Oct. 22nd, the Transport Workers Union locals in New York and New Jersey will be sending buses to Philadelphia, Pa., a crucial battleground state, to demonstrate support and campaign for the Democratic Party ticket. Buses will be departing 7:30 a.m. TWU Local 100 and TWU Local 101’s Union Hall  at 195 Montague St., Brooklyn.

Come to Philly. Take a stand with us against sexism. Take a stand against racism. Take a stand against union busting.

Get on the bus.

(To register for the bus trip or obtain more information, contact Dawn Sobers at (646) 319-7621 or emailPAC@TWULocal100.org. Give your name and contact info)