Bertha Lewis, The Black Institute Endorses Adams For Mayor

Bertha Lewis photo
Bertha Lewis Photo courtesy of The Black Institute.

Noted Black activist Bertha Lewis, and The Black Institute think tank she founded endorsed Eric Adams as their first choice for mayor and Shaun Donovan as their second choice in the Democratic Mayoral Primary.

Lewis said the board at TBI, as well as the staff, deliberated for months on which candidates would earn their endorsements. The decisions were made by consensus. 

“I don’t go by what people say about what they do, and what I know about them,” Lewis said, adding that what mattered was whether they were amenable to the TBI issues and policies, as well as their governing experience. “And once I went through all of that, I decided that Eric was the best candidate. And Shawn was the second choice.”

Through its political organizing arm, the Black Leadership Action Committee (BLAC), TBI also released its down-ballot list including Brad Lander for City Comptroller, Donovan Richards for Queens Borough President, Eric Gonzalez for Brooklyn District Attorney, Arthur Schwartz for the 3rd City Council District, Stacy Lynch in the 7th City Council District, and Harold Miller for the 27th City Council District.

Endorsements were based on those candidates who responded to the organization’s BLAC Manifesto. The manifesto – a three-part document outlining policy initiatives and the prerogatives of each municipal officeholder – was sent to each candidate for office. Of the candidates for mayor, only the Adams and Donovan campaigns responded to the document. 

As for Adams and Donovan’s competitors in the race, all six of the other eight mayoral front runners made TBI’s, “Oh, Hell No” list of candidates who voters should avoid. 

TBI also included a “recommended” section of candidates who did not respond to the manifesto, but who still show the requisite experience and background that TBI seeks for future officeholders.