PoliticsNY and Schneps Media Hosting Debates for NYC Political Races

Stock Illustration from 123rf

Hyper-local politics matter and Schneps Media is putting their foot to the pedal with a series of debates in every city council district as well as for each borough president, the Manhattan District Attorney, and the mayor’s and comptroller’s race.

The debates, which start May 3 and run throughout the month will be hosted as Zoom webinars by Schneps Media’s daily amNY Metro and the largest group of hyper-local news outlets covering every neighborhood in the city.

“These debates, among other things, will focus on each candidates’ vision for the recovery of the city on both the citywide and local neighborhood level,” said Schneps Media CEO Joshua Schneps. “As the largest media company serving the local New York City Metropolitan area, it is our mission to inform residents of the platform and views of candidates seeking to become our public servants.”

Participating candidates in the debates will weigh in on the most issues currently before the city. This will include the role of the police and public safety, education, small business development, senior issues, a tourism plan that will bring visitors to both main attractions and local commercial strips, and the need to bring in both big and small development in growth sectors such as technology.

Schneps Media Political Editor-in-Chief Stephen Witt noted the importance that voters pay attention to their local city council elections as well as the citywide election for mayor and comptroller.

“City council members serve as direct links for voters to city hall. It is the go-to office whether you want a pothole or sidewalk in front of your house fixed, or are seeking access to small business loans through government money allocated for the COVID recovery,” said Witt.

The debates come with a full-court press to educate and engage voters, who are being asked for the first time to rank their choices for the political offices at hand. 

Under ranked-Choice voting (RCV) the city requires voters to rank their top five candidates in order of preference on their ballots instead of picking just one. If no candidate takes more than 50% of the first choice ballot picks, the count goes on. The candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated and the voters second choice is distributed. 

This process goes on until one candidate obtains 50% of the vote and is declared the winner.

So throw some popcorn in the microwave and turn on your favorite smart device to help inform you on choosing who will best represent your interests in city hall.

To view the full lineup and schedule of debates as well as register for one or all at no cost visit www.PoliticsNY.com/Debates.