Catholicism: Coronavirus Can Take Our Fear But Not Our Faith 


It’s difficult to presently envision our lives and how this pandemic rose rapidly inside these couple of months. We attempt to look to the future, and our eyes stay shut because of constant day-to-day changes.

With our face secured with masks; we protect our hands with medical gloves and human contact, placed on hold. It appears as life and earth have betrayed us. Perhaps, it is an opportunity to reflect on what matters in our lives and everyday activities that we can sometimes take for granted. 

What will forever remain is faith that not even this exasperating virus can take from us. Despite the fact that business entryways are shutting left and right, Christian Churches refuse to close their doors. They have constrained usage of the church, however, with justifiable reasons.

Monsignor John Delendick of the Shrine Church of St. Jude, 1677 Canarsie Road in Canarsie, clarifies, “Until further notice mass has been canceled and any person with a cold is asked to pray at home.” The precautionary measures the congregation is taking are to help prevent the infection from spreading should an individual be a carrier.  

We haven’t seen a pandemic like this since the “Spanish Flu,” otherwise known as H1N1 infection that assumed control over the world in 1918 with more than 50 million lives taken. It is in comparison with this current virus because both strings of flu were and are unknown. Be that as it may, with our cutting edge emergency clinics, medications, and social media, we can maintain it.

As of March 16, the countries that affected the most exceedingly are China, Italy, Iran, Spain, South Korea, Germany, France, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, and the good ole’ U.S of A. As of March 17, the coronavirus has affected 186,701 individuals which 80,837 has recovered and 7,471 are fatalities as per

Every day we have limited time outside of our homes with curfews, and although we don’t know when this end, we can’t lose hope. We must prevail together and help thy neighbor as we are taught in church.

During this lent season, devoted Christians are encouraged to continue their meatless Friday meals. As a nation, now that we are in quarantine, we can pray with our families and watch virtual masses at streaming live

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