Brooklyn Lawmakers On The Move Jan. 24, 2019

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Rose Calls On E-Z Pass To Delay Tolls For Those Impacted By Gov’t Shutdown

Max Rose
U.S. Rep.-Elect Max Rose

Congressman Max Rose (D-South Brooklyn, Staten Island) is calling for E-Z Pass to provide relief by delaying withdrawal of funds for those impacted by the shutdown.

The demand comes following concerns from the Coast Guard community and others impacted by the shutdown about the daily costs federal workers have to pay to and from work without getting the paychecks they deserve.

The shutdown, which started over a month ago now, is the result of an impasse between the president and congressional Democrats over funding for a border wall, which Trump promised during the 2016 campaign, according to USA Today. The conflict is  affecting about a quarter of the U.S. government and approximately 800,000 federal workers, who haven’t received pay over the last several weeks.

Rose is supporting proposals both to pay Coast Guard members during the shutdown and to fund the Coast Guard separately from the larger funding bills. Since being sworn in earlier this month, Rose has voted ten times to reopen the government, fund shutdown agencies including the Coast Guard, and provide back pay to furloughed workers. The rookie congressman is also donating his salary for the duration of the shutdown.

“I am writing to ask that E-Z Pass take immediate steps to alleviate pressure on our fellow Americans by delaying withdrawal of funds for impacted federal workers until the government re-opens,” wrote Rose in a letter to the Staten Island Director for E-Z Pass.

“I understand this is an unusual request, but these are unusual times. Staten Islanders, South Brooklynites, and all Americans have to come together to support our neighbors and it is my sincere hope that E-Z Pass will do the same,” continued the letter.

AM Williams Applauds Passage of Reproductive Health Bills

Assemblywoman Jaime Williams

Assembly member Jaime Williams (D-Canarsie, Georgetown, Mill Basin, Marine Park, Gerritsen Beach) announced yesterday her role in passing legislation to protect and strengthen women’s reproductive rights.

Earlier this week, the New York State legislature passed a package of three bills that would protect women’s reproductive rights and grant all New Yorkers access to family planning. The measures affirm a woman’s right to choose in New York State, requires insurers to cover cost-free contraception and prohibit discrimination against employees based on reproductive health choices (A.21, A.585-A, A.584).

The Assembly legislation, known as the Reproductive Health Act, codifies the federal protections of Roe v. Wade into New York State law. The bill would authorize duly licensed health care practitioners to terminate a pregnancy within 24 weeks, when there is an absence of fetal viability or when the woman’s life or health are endangered (A.21).

The Assembly also once again passed the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act (CCCA), which would codify the requirement under the Affordable Care Act that health insurers provide cost-free coverage of all FDA-approved contraceptives when they are prescribed by a health care provider (A.585-A). Additionally, legislation was passed prohibiting employers from discriminating against employees based on their or their dependent’s reproductive health decisions. It also bars employers from accessing private medical information about their employees without the employee’s prior informed, written consent (A.584).

“A woman’s body is her own, and politicians have absolutely no place interfering in her reproductive choices. The idea that a woman is not capable of making her own health care decisions is simply ridiculous and is grounded in misogyny, sexism and inequality. These measures not only help ensure reproductive freedom, but also help ensure a woman has control over her own future,” said Williams.

Malliotakis Calls On City To Waive $960 Water Bill

Assembly Member Nicole Malliotakis

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R,C,I,Ref – Brooklyn/Staten Island) is calling on the City’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to waive a $960 bill they claim a Staten Island resident owes following a water main pipe shutoff.

Larry, an elderly constituent of District 64, recently went 6 months without heat or running water following a water main pipe in front of his home that was damaged by city. During that process Larry was also fighting cancer and foreclosure of his home.

The city refused to fix the pipe and said it was Larry’s responsibility due to the pipes location on his property but he did not have the resources to pay. Eventually, from help from Malliotakis’s office, the issue was resolved with the help of the private and nonprofit sectors.

However, DEP is still claiming Larry owes a $960 water bill for water services provided during the shut off.

The event is slated for 3 p.m., today, Jan. 24, at 16 Cherokee Street in Staten Island.

CM Williams To Participate In Public Forum On Gentrification

Jumaane Williams
City Council Member Jumaane Williams

City Council member Jumaane Williams (D-Flatbush, East Flatbush, Midwood) will be a featured speaker at an upcoming public policy forum, “Gentrification: How It Impacts Neighborhoods & What Leaders and Citizens Can Do to Shape It.”

The event will be hosted by B’ShERT (Beth Shalom v’Emeth Reform Temple) and will feature guest speakers Venisse Charles, Housing Coordinator at the Flatbush Development Corporation; and Jeffrey Dunston, CEO, Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation.

The event is slated for 3 p.m., Sunday, Jan. 27, at 83 Marlborough Road in Flatbush.

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