Op-Ed: A Open Letter To Joe Crowley To Make Assembly Race Democratic

Ari Espinal

Editors Note: It is the policy of Queens County Politics to post all op-eds.

Dear Rep. Joe Crowley,

You are a great representative for our district and our country, and I believe you will make an excellent Speaker or Majority Leader. I will vote for you. I will continue to support you.

I understand local politics reasonably well. A seat was vacated, the party organization made a nomination, a special election was held and the 39th Assembly District has a representative Aridia Espinal. It was not an especially democratic process, but it was according to the law.

I think it is unconscionable that Assemblywoman Espinal was unable, unwilling, or intentionally avoided (depending on your point of view of course) the debate hosted by the two most well-attended democratic clubs [New Visions Democratic Club, Lesbian & Gay Democratic Club of Queens] in her district last night.

Since she would not be the Assemblywoman if not for the nomination by the Queens County Democratic Party, of which you are Chair; I would like to know your opinion on her action (or lack thereof). Further, I would like to know if the party, and you as Chair, plans to make an endorsement for the upcoming September primary. Will you publicly call on the Assemblywoman to participate in debates with her challengers so that we may hopefully enjoy a more democratic process for electing our future representative to this district?

Thank you in advance for the kind attention. I fully intend to ask you this question in person and in public at my next opportunity. Having met you many times I fully expect an honest, articulate and substantive response.


Alan Klein

Jackson Heights Resident

Alan Klein is a resident of Jackson Heights.