Congestion Pricing: Comptroller Lander assembling potential plaintiffs for suit to restart paused Manhattan toll

City Comptroller Brad Lander said Wednesday that he is assembling a coalition of legal minds and impacted parties to potentially sue New York state over Gov. Kathy Hochul’s eleventh-hour decision to indefinitely pause congestion pricing.

Because the governor framed her decision as a “temporary pause,” and the original start date of June 30 for the $15 congestion toll in Manhattan has not yet passed, Lander and others do not believe the time is ripe to bring a suit. Still, the city’s financial watchdog has brought together top legal minds in public interest practice; advocates for transit, the environment, and disability rights; and representatives of the city’s business community to develop legal strategies for one or more lawsuits seeking to compel the state to move forward with the Manhattan toll plan.