Acting Supreme Court Justice Adam Perlmutter running for elected Supreme Court Justice seat in Kings County


Democrat Adam Perlmutter, an acting Supreme Court Justice of the NYS Unified Court System, is running for elected supreme court justice in Kings County.

Judge Perlmutter’s 35-year legal career has been defined by fighting for underdogs and the underrepresented. His platform focuses on his career-long fight for social justice, reform, restorative justice, environmental justice, and defending the underrepresented and underserved people and communities across Brooklyn.

At a recent meeting of community volunteers he said, “My legal career has been largely shaped by my role as a defender of those accused of wrongdoing, especially when they have been wrongfully accused or have no power or resources to fight. Advocating for the underdog, whether an individual or an entire community, has always been at the center of my legal work, because everyone deserves equal justice, regardless of their background or circumstances.”

As an attorney Judge Perlmutter fought to exonerate four different men wrongfully convicted of murders in the court system.

In his capacity as a community board member and involved citizen, Judge Perlmutter fought for his North Brooklyn community by stopping the development of Bushwick Inlet Park. In doing so he defeated a 1100 megawatt power plant slated for the waterfront – a victory for environmental justice. He not only protected green space in a community facing rampant industrialization and development, but convinced Mayor de Blasio to commit $160 million for park development, netting Brooklynites 28 acres of green space along the East River.

Regarding his legal career and future on the bench, Judge Perlmutter said, “I am acutely aware of the profound and lasting effects that judicial decisions have on people’s lives and carry that awareness with me every day, ensuring that justice is delivered with compassion, fairness, and a deep understanding of the consequences of my decisions.  I pledge to continue to work tirelessly to improve our legal system and uphold the values of justice and equality that define the best parts of our society.”