Squish! NYC sidewalks to get jam packed if a new bill is passed, business group says

New York sidewalks already feel squished; one business group says that sardine-like feeling may get even worse soon.

The NYC BID Association, which represents all 76 business improvement districts (BIDs) in the city, is taking umbrage with a bill floating around the City Council that, if passed, would allow street vendors to set up shop on sidewalks further away from the curb. 

According to the bill, known as Intro. 0024, the city would permit vendors to place their pushcarts two feet from the curb. It also states that if there is an obstruction on the sidewalk, vendors can “place their carts as close as possible to the obstruction.” It is not clear right now what an obstruction is, but it could allude to items such as trees or planters on NYC sidewalks.