EXCLUSIVE | City Council member aims to give NYC food shoppers a break at the register if they pay higher than listed price for groceries

A City Council member wants to give New Yorkers a big discount whenever grocery stores charge them more for items than the lowest advertised price, amNewYork Metro has learned.

Under the proposed legislation, the text of which amNewYork Metro obtained, customers would have legal recourse to get products for free if what they are charged at the register is higher than the shelf price, sale price or advertised price, so long as the product is under $10. For products over $10 that bear similar price discrepancies, shoppers would be able to claim a $10 off.

City Council Member Shaun Abreu (D-Manhattan) sponsors the bill, which would only apply to “retail food stores” and includes those that sell food items as their primary products, such as grocery stores and bodegas. It would also cover non-food items, such as paper, cleaning and health products sold by those businesses.