NYC Faith Leaders: We ask our officials in Washington to protect and strengthen medicare advantage


We, the undersigned faith leaders representing various congregations across New York City, are writing to express our support for Medicare Advantage and to urge officials in Washington to continue advocating for this vital program.

Medicare Advantage serves nearly 2 million New Yorkers and over half of the Medicare-eligible population across our state, and it has been a beacon of hope in our diverse communities. It provides high-quality care and affordable coverage options—and it is not just a convenience, but a necessity.

In our roles as faith leaders, we have witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by the elderly and people with disabilities. Medicare Advantage offers the services and care they need and offers them peace of mind with benefits that are tailored to meet their unique needs. These include vision, dental, and hearing care, prescription drug coverage, telehealth services, and other supplemental benefits. This is especially important in communities where access to reliable health care has historically been a challenge, and Medicare Advantage makes it possible with capped out-of-pocket expenses.

To officials in Washington, your advocacy for Medicare Advantage is critical to ensuring that the program continues to serve as a crucial resource for all New Yorkers. Medicare Advantage has made a tremendous impact on the lives of our congregants, and we hope you work to make sure it remains protected and strengthened by fully funding the program.

Thank you for your consideration and your dedication to the welfare of New Yorkers. We are happy to serve as a resource and assist in your efforts.



Bishop Eric R Gigueroa-New Life Tabernacle, Brooklyn

Bishop Robert Butler-Glory Tabernacle, Brooklyn

Rev. James Neville-Holy Temple Of Prayer, Brooklyn

Bishop Shelvis- Greater Holy Tabernacle Church, Bronx

Bishop Jamel Moore-Greater Zion Baptist Church, Bronx

Pastor Michael Battle-Transformation Church-Queens