Former southern Brooklyn city council candidate Brian Fox dies at age 34

Brian Fox, a former Republican city council candidate, reportedly died at his Bay Ridge home on Nov. 8.

Fox’s former campaign manager, Liam McCabe, posted on Facebook on Nov. 9, announcing that Fox died in his sleep at his home on Wednesday night at age 34.

“Brian was a larger than life teddy bear who got into politics as a regular neighborhood guy two years ago because he was just fed up. He ended up shocking the political world with his near victory and made so many friends and followers along the way,” McCabe wrote. “My wife and I were lucky to call him a close friend and he became life family to us. His enthusiasm and love was infectious to all of us and you always felt better when you were around him.”

Fox ran on the Republican ticket during the 2021 and 2022 election cycles, promising to be tough on crime in southern Brooklyn, but ultimately failed to secure a seat. According to his LinkedIn page, Fox most recently served as the business development manager at tech solutions company ID Tech Solutions Inc.