Voting records, party changes, and important issues: A look into southern Brooklyn’s most heated city council race ahead of Election Day

With Election Day upon us Nov. 7, two southern Brooklyn pols draw closer to victory or defeat in one of this year’s most eventful and talked-about City Council races. 

Republican Council Member Ari Kagan, who represents District 47, and Democratic Council Member Justin Brannan, who represents District 43, have fought harder than ever to secure a win in District 47.

The politicians are facing off for the first time due to a district rezoning. District 47 — which formerly represented parts of Coney Island, Bensonhurst, Sea Gate, Gravesend — was redrawn in 2022 to include parts of Bath Beach and Bay Ridge — bringing both candidates’ neighborhoods together into one district. Kagan, a former Republican, switched parties at the end of last year — setting the state for the contentious election.