Brooklyn votes! Here’s who’s on the ballot and when to vote in the Nov. 7 general election

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 7, but voters in Brooklyn and throughout the city can participate in early voting, which kicks off Oct. 28 and runs through Nov. 5.

At the ballot box, Brooklynites will get to choose their city council members as well as judges across various courts. There are also two state ballot proposals that deal with debt limits. 

If you have not already, the deadline to register to vote is Saturday, Oct 28 and can be done here. 

Early voting begins this Saturday and runs through Nov. 5. File photo by Lloyd Mitchell


Election day is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 7 — but early voting starts this Saturday, Oct. 28, and runs through Sunday, Nov. 5.

Polling places and hours vary. Prospective voters can use the Board of Elections’ “Find Your Poll Site” tool to locate early voting and election day polling places.