Beverley Road open street transformed into permanent pedestrian plaza

Kensington’s temporary open street on Beverley Road has officially been transformed into a permanent pedestrian plaza.

Since 2022, Mayor Eric Adams’ administration has worked in conjunction with community partners to host weekend open streets on the westernmost block of Beverley Road between East Second Street and Church Avenue in Kensington. On Oct. 11, the stretch was transformed into a colorful, permanent plaza that adds approximately 5,600 square feet of space to the existing Kensington Plaza, which sits adjacent to the road. 

The Beverley Road plaza is part of the Department of Transportation’s car-free public Open Streets initiative that aims to make more public spaces accessible to New Yorkers to promote economic development, support schools, provide additional ways for New Yorkers to interact with one another, and create more space for cultural programming. Beverley Road’s new open street transformation marks the 65th DOT art project to be implemented during the Adams’ administration.