Acting Supreme Court Judge Rachel Freier garners support from Brooklyn’s clerical leaders


Acting Supreme Court Judge Rachel Freier is striving to focus her life and career on bringing communities together on the state Supreme Court.

Judge Freier began her journey as a civil court judge, elected by an overwhelming majority in 2016. In 2022, she was appointed acting NYS Supreme Court justice in Brooklyn, making her the first Hasidic woman to hold a public office in the U.S.

Now, Judge Freier is seeking to continue her role, running to be elected as Brooklyn’s Supreme Court judge. 

Judge Freier’s Brooklyn-wide Supreme Court campaign, which emphasizes fairness for all Brooklynites, civil rights for all women, and social justice for all people, seeks to prioritize the ideas that unite people, instead of what divides them. 

“I believe in tying communities together. Our nation has a rich tradition of people from all backgrounds joining as one in the fight to ensure civil rights and social justice for all people,” Freier explained at a recent campaign event. “As a Jewish woman, I’m extremely proud that people of my faith marched, protested and died in the civil rights movement, joining leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and many others in the struggle for freedom and equality.”

Judge Freier’s candidacy and campaign initiatives have inspired religious and community leaders from all faiths across the borough to unite in support of her run for office. 

These supporters include Pastor Sharmaine Byrd, pastor at Greater Mt. Carmel Cathedral and Worship Center, Brooklyn; Rabbi Yirmi Levy, rabbi and spiritual leader of the Mill Basin Sephardic Congregation, Brooklyn; and Rabbi Eli Cohen, community leader of the Lubavitch Jewish Community of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. 

“Judge Freier’s life story embodies compassion, commitment and courage. She has devoted her career to helping people in their most troubled and vulnerable moments, helping poor families and youth at risk,” Rabbi Eli Cohen explained. “She carries her faith and traditions proudly, as she conducts her courtroom at the most professional level and with integrity. She has earned her way to the Supreme Court with her hard work on and off the bench.”

Judge Freier demonstrates her commitment to the community both in and outside of the courtroom. She is the ​​founder Chasdei Devorah, Inc., a grassroots charity which raises money for economically disadvantaged families, and formed B’Derech, a nonprofit which advocated for education and providing opportunities to at-risk adolescents.

“Judge Freier is a groundbreaker, a wife, and a mother of six children,” Rabbi Yirmi Levy added his support.  “I’m very proud of the work she has done on and off the bench. The breadth of her experience speaks directly to the type of person she is, honest, fair, passionate, and a fighter for social justice and equality.”

With the support of these clerical leaders and members of her community, Judge Freier hopes to continue serving the people of Brooklyn and beyond upon election this November.