Top NYPD official claims cops park on sidewalks because there’s nowhere else to park on the streets


Police officers park their cars on the sidewalk outside precincts simply because there is nowhere else to park, a top NYPD official told members of the City Council on Monday.

Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey responded to questioning by Upper West Side Councilmember Gale Brewer on rampant illegal parking by police officers outside precincts, including both squad and personal vehicles, when he said that officers have no choice in the matter, given the paucity of legal spots around precincts.

“We listen to our communities, we know that it’s a problem,” said Maddrey. “We’re trying our best, in terms of just our officers parking as appropriately as possible. I know it’s difficult. A lot of people work at the precinct and there’s not enough parking spots.”