Editorial | New York state should deliver newspapers a front-page rescue


Albany lawmakers have the chance this month to do something their colleagues in Washington, DC couldn’t: Give a major shot in the arm to local journalism.

The New York version of the “Local Journalism Sustainability Act” is being considered as being enacted as part of the state budget due to be adopted on or about April 1. If passed, the act would provide more tax credits over the next five years to newspaper publishers across the state for the purpose of employing full-time reporters and editors.

We thank state Senator Brad Hoylman-Sigal and Assembly Member Carrie Woerner, the primary sponsors of this legislation, for bringing it forward for consideration. It’s believed that legislators are considering rolling the Local Journalism Sustainability Act into the final, negotiated state budget this spring, but we need you, our readers, to reach out to your state elected officials to communicate how important local news is to you and how this bill would help your local news coverage.