Nassau legislator, George Santos’ biggest dissenter, explains Tweets about their encounter in Queens


Nassau Legislator, George Santos’ Biggest Dissenter, Explains Tweets About Their Encounter in Queens

It was only a matter of time until Nassau County Leg. Josh Lafazan (I-Woodbury) became the subject of one of Rep. George Santos’ (R-Nassau/Queens) lies, it seems. Lafazan has been Santos’ most consistent and vocal dissenter, holding 16 rallies calling for his resignation since the Dec. 19, 2022 New York Times article exposed the man elected to serve New York’s 3rd congressional district as a liar. 

On Feb. 23, Lafazan held yet another rally in front of Santos’ Queens office. This time, Lafazan called upon Santos to stop using police resources outside the building in Douglaston. He also hand-delivered a letter asking Santos to resign, at which point Lafazan says he and his staff had a brief conversation with Santos.