88th Precinct: Goon swings at stranger in street fight



Fort Greene-Clinton Hill

Goon swings at stranger in street fight

Some goon allegedly took a swing at a stranger during an argument on Fulton Street on Dec. 2. 

Cops said the pair — who did not know each other — started arguing outside near Rockwell Place at 11:11pm. After they exchanged some harsh words, one jerk got angry — and struck the victim in the head with a lamp. 

Officers arrested the alleged attacker on the scene, and the victim left with injuries to the left ear and cheek and a laceration on her forehead.

Hate crime on Fleet Place

A man was attacked for his race on Fleet Place on Dec. 3. 

The victim said he was walking near Willoughby Street at about 4pm when a strange man started yelling anti-Asian slurs and threats at him while swinging and umbrella at him. The attacker struck the victim in the face with the umbrella, leaving a small laceration.

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