Op-ed: The importance of protecting landlords and law-abiding tenants


While cashless bail and repeat offenders rule our streets, the City Council wants to force potentially dangerous criminals into the homes of law-abiding New Yorkers, including those looking to rent out their property. A bill called Intro. 632 would prohibit landlords from running criminal background checks on those applying to rent, buy or sublease apartments, effectively masking any potential danger some evicted felons bring with them.

Yes, that includes murderers! If the bill passes, it would compromise the safety of New Yorkers as other tenants can end up living next door to serious criminals. The city would be stripping landlords of the ability to determine who they allow to live on their property, a right they should legally have. Landlords should be allowed to decide if a murderer can rent an apartment next to a family with five young children. I understand that might be a hard pill for some to swallow, but for most people, it is what we call common sense.

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