Moore Maryland midterm voters elect trailblazing ‘yardie’


Despite a gender crawl, following last week’s midterm elections America can now boast 12 female governors. However, the country remains abysmally slow to amplify the voices of the electorates considered “voiceless” by adding a single Black to state leadership.
The latter is the declared Governor-elect Wes Moore, the first Black to ever win Maryland and only the third of his race in the nation to claim the confidence of a state majority.
Along with Douglas Wilder of Virginia and Deval Patrick, Moore is now etched in American history books as a trailblazer and one of the few elected Black governors in America’s 246-year history.
A former Rhodes scholar, investment banker and Army captain who served his country in Afghanistan, the Democrat trounced Republican Dan Cox, a Make America Great Again (MAGA) proponent who reportedly took busloads to the nation’s capital on Jan. 6, 2021 in order to rally with the defeated President Donald Trump.
At age 44, Moore enticed support from President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Barack Obama, the first Black President of the United States.
“My friend Wes Moore is the leader Maryland needs,” the former White House champion said in a campaign ad.
Another celebrity endorsement restated the claim with Oprah Winfrey saying “For governor in Maryland, you have one in my friend Wes Moore.”
The game-changer added “this moment that we’re in demands a different type of leader.”
Based on endorsements from the election-denying, former president, mainstream media outlets predicted a Republican Red Wave, tsunamis and all sorts of disastrous weather-related threats to Democrats.
All were averted, perhaps by climate change which created disruptions to the GOP agenda. Reportedly, two landslides — one in the Sunshine state down-south where incumbent Trump rival Gov. Ron DeSantis retained control winning 60 percent of the votes — the other, a surge in Maryland where a first-time Democratic candidate with roots in Jamaica caused a shake-up, staking claim to 60 percent of the votes and becoming the 63rd governor of Maryland.
Moore chose running mate Aruna Miller, an immigrant from India who migrated to the USA at age seven to be his lieutenant. She too made history becoming the first immigrant of color to win the statewide office.
The midterms are the first national elections held since MAGA supporters rallied to defy Democracy.
The election yielded a number of trailblazing results with Anthony Brown — another Black, Maryland, Democrat — now the state’s first to be elected attorney general. In addition, Brooke Lierman also scored a gender gain winning the first female comptroller spot in Maryland.
Maryland had much to cheer about on Nov. 8, however, it was not the only history making state in the nation on election night.
Massachusetts vaulted Democrat Maura Healey to victory, pioneering the first lesbian governor there.
Similarly, Vermont is sending Becca Balint, an openly gay representative to Congress. Her win establishes the state’s first such proponent of LGBT rights.
In Florida, 25-year-old Maxwell Frost snagged 59 percent of the votes in the 10th Congressional District to be elected the first Gen Z representative.
Born Jan 17, 1997, the Afro-Latino Democrat whose heritage combines Cuban/Haitian nationalities is an advocate of gun control.
Voters debunked the notion of a MAGA dominance or a sweep of any kind across the nation.
If a weather parallel can be drawn it is that Democrats prepared for the storm, Republicans didn’t and that fair conditions permitted two parties to shine.
Ironically after basking in glory, one day following the political/weather reports, Gov. DeSantis faced flooding, wind and more reliable predictions when Hurricane Nicole blew past Daytona Beach destroying beachfront luxury property in his state.
From Moore’s locale, a deluge of congratulatory headlines, memes and social media posts poured in to confirm his trailblazing feat of winning the top-spot in the state.
Jamaicans throughout the diaspora led the charge, claiming the winner with endearing inclusiveness — “he’s a Yardie.”
They disseminated campaign promos declaring Moore’s authenticity. One to the Jamaica Association of Maryland affirmed his conviction of being a “very proud Yardie.” He explained that his family is rooted in the Low River area in Jamaica where his mother was born…relatives living “in Ochi” (Ocho Rios) and others residing in the parish of Westmoreland.
As a matter of fact, the charismatic husband of Dawn and father of 11 year-old Mia and 9-year-old Jaime joked about the irony of his mother migrating to America who met and married a man whose name was Wes Moore.
Campaign promos also reposted a viral video featuring the newly-minted leader dressed in shorts and sneakers performing Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.”
Egged on by an emcee at a summer concert, Moore’s lyrical delivery seemed enticing to reggae fans who might have previously contemplated early voting.
In a WABC-TV interview the candidate “invoked the memory of his Cuban-born grandmother who immigrated to Jamaica before coming to the United States.”
She died recently at age 95.
“Her name was Winell Thomas and we called her Mama Win,” Moore said.
“I could not think of a more appropriate name. One of the last things she did was vote for her grandson.”
Moore is increasing the racial proportionality of Blacks in leadership positions.
For a brief period in 2008, New York boasted Gov. David Paterson, the first of his race to take the coveted seat in Albany. The legally-blind, benefactor was elevated when as lieutenant he replaced disgraced Democrat Eliot Spitzer who resigned amid a scandal that up-ended his tenure.
Gov. Paterson did not seek election.
Of his trailblazing feat Gov.-elect Moore said: “I am humbled and very excited.”
Earlier this year, Virginia seated Jamaican immigrant, Republican Winsome Sears, to the second highest position of lieutenant governor.
The gun advocate who supported Trump in 2020 has since distanced herself from the MAGA leader. She claims Trump has become a “liability to the party.”
With the election of Maryland’s Gov. Moore, Jamaica can stake claims to two highly-placed politicians in both US political parties.

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