Brooklyn Dems laud winners in midterm elections


Brooklyn Democratic Party Chair Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn on Wednesday congratulated apparent winners in the midterm elections, as votes are still being counted in key races.
“The Brooklyn Democratic Party and I congratulate the apparent winners across Brooklyn and statewide, including the first female elected New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and Brooklyn’s own first female Attorney General Tish (Letitia) James and Sen. Chuck Schumer,” said Bichotte Hermelyn, the daughter of Haitian immigrants, in a statement.
She said the party “galvanized strong voter turnout, as evidenced with Brooklyn leading the five boroughs in votes cast.
“We thank our volunteers and staff for engaging Dems across the borough through phone banking, canvassing, rallies, community events, and going door-to-door to every corner of Brooklyn reaching over 1.1 million voters,” added the representative for the 42nd Assembly District in Brooklyn, who was unopposed in Tuesday’s vote.
“As the largest and fastest growing borough, Brooklyn is not just culturally diverse but politically diverse across the Democratic spectrum, with many shades of blue,” she continued. “This serves as a pertinent reminder that we need to continue to unify as Democrats, regardless of our differing views, in preparation for the GOP challenges ahead.”
Bichotte Hermelyn specially congratulated Schumer on his re-election for an historic fifth term.
“Sen. Schumer, a native Brooklynite, has devoted his career to bettering the lives of New Yorkers, and Schumer will keep bringing bold transformative change to move our country and democracy forward through his proven, progressive leadership,” she said.
The Brooklyn Democratic Party also congratulated victor Lt. Gov. Delgado, and applauded Gov. Hochul on “making well-deserved history as the first elected woman governor in New York.
“Our Governor will keep breaking barriers and glass ceilings as she fights for women’s rights, economic equality and prosperity, combats crime and relentlessly works to improve the lives of all New Yorkers, alongside a capable lt. governor,” Bichotte-Hermelyn said.
In addition, she lauded James for winning re-election as the “people’s lawyer.”
“As a lifelong public servant and first woman to be elected Attorney General, AG James will continue to fight and deliver for all the people of New York,” the Brooklyn Democratic Party chair said.
She praised Tom DiNapoli for winning reelection for a fourth term as NYS comptroller.
“DiNapoli has steadfastly served as the state’s financial watchdog while the State’s Pension Fund has grown under his leadership, and we are confident he will improve our government functionality with integrity,” she said.
“While there is a Blue Wave in the State of New York, Democratic nominees all over the city and state, including parts of South Brooklyn faced unprecedented GOP challenger, and we express respect for these nominees who fought hard but may have fell (fallen) short,” she added. “We used to be considered an ‘outer borough’ but are now the target of stronger GOP attacks as a center of the political universe.
“As a strong diverse county, which includes rich culture, we must continue to build as a party in preparation for the future,” Bichotte Hermelyn continued. “We are fighters for the people and will continue to serve as advocates that will strengthen the voice of the vulnerable.
“We congratulate all of the Democratic victors in Brooklyn, New York City, New York State, and across the nation, as we await the final results and remain resilient,” she said.