At Witt’s End: A grateful so long and a new beginning

City Council
New York City Hall (credit: MusikAnimal, Wikimedia Commons)a
Stephen Witt

Like any journalist, I love getting scoops and here’s my latest:

With a mixture of sadness and excitement, I will be leaving my position as Political Editor-in-Chief of Schneps Media, and joining the administration of Mayor Eric Adams and NYC Department of Social Services Commissioner Gary Jenkins as the DSS Deputy Commissioner For Press Relations & Press Communications /Director of Public Information.

Schneps Media is the largest local media company in the greater NYC metropolitan area. It publishes over 70 print and digital award-winning media products including amNY, Brooklyn Paper, QNS, The Bronx Times, Dan’s Paper and the Long Island Press.

In departing, I wish to thank first and foremost Schneps Media President and Publisher Victoria Schneps and Schneps Media Chief Executive Officer and Co-Publisher Joshua Schneps. Josh and Vicki brought me aboard their established and growing company nearly two years ago and they both have been exceedingly kind while giving me the opportunity to grow professionally and personally. Their leadership and friendship is greatly valued, and I am grateful beyond words to both of them.

Secondly, I tip my cap and bow low before the Schneps Media award-winning editorial team. This starts with a special thank you to group Editor-in-Chief Robert Pozarycki, and filters down to all the editors of the Schneps Media various publications and the teams of newshound reporters. Spending time in the news trenches with all of you has been a privilege and honor. 

When entering the field of journalism over 25 years ago, my main motivation was to put a positive stamp on the world. One axiom in journalism is to pick your battles and in this context, I’ve been a fearless warrior – as I saw fit in the heat of battle – when it comes to giving voice to the voiceless and being an honest broker in covering both the workings of government and the electoral process. I have not always come out of the battle unscathed, but I always fought the good fight as I saw it in trying to better the world.

I vow to bring this same passion to better the world under the leadership of Mayor Adams and DSS Commissioner Jenkins from the government side. DSS oversees both the NYC Human Resources Administration and the NYC Department of Homeless Services, providing a myriad of services to the city’s most vulnerable.

I look forward to joining the Adams Administration team and working in the world’s greatest city to continue making the city a better place to live for everybody.