Small but mighty ‘Red Wave’ comes for longtime Democrats in southern Brooklyn


Though a nationwide “Red Wave” of Republican wins hasn’t materialized the day after the midterm elections, the story is a little different in normally deep-blue Brooklyn.

The borough has the highest number of active registered Democratic voters in the city — 1.1 million, toppling even Manhattan’s 756,581 registered Dems — and played a pivotal role in the 2022 midterms. With their careers on the line, Democratic candidates Governor Kathy Hochul, Letitia James and Thomas DiNapoli made last-minute campaign stops across the borough days before the election, hoping to drum up support in neighborhoods almost guaranteed to back them. 

Red Wave poses threat to longtime Dem incumbents

But, on Tuesday, Brooklyn Republicans celebrated as the Red Wave topped a handful of Democrats in southern Brooklyn. The jewel in the conservative crown is Nicole Malliotakis, the borough’s only congressional Republican, who handily won re-election in NY-11, the city’s only swing district.