Meet the Candidates: General Election | Jessica González-Rojas, Assembly District 34

Incumbent Jessica González-Rojas is running for a second term to continue her work of representing the constituents of District 34 in Albany. Assemblymember González- Rojas believes there is a lot to still be done and she intends to lead the charge in making legislative changes to better the lives of all New Yorkers. 

Upon her return to Albany, Assemblymember González-Rojas plans to continue work on the three pieces of legislation she introduced in her current term:

  1. Reproductive Freedom and Equity Fund — provides resources for influx of patients to clinics seeking reproductive health services throughout the state.
  2. Universal School Meals — ensures that every single school across New York would provide students with breakfast and lunch at no cost.
  3. One Fair Wage — addresses the sub-minimum wage that restaurant workers and other industry workers receive and guarantees they are paid a livable wage in addition to tips.

These three important issues highlight the first steps on Assemblymember González-Rojas’ continued journey to fight for equality, dignity and justice for all New Yorkers.