Meet the Candidates: General Election | Samantha Zherka, State Senate District 34

Independent Candidate Samantha Zherka is running for State Senate in District 34, where there is no incumbent up for reelection. Zherka is a Bronx born mom of three children, a small business owner and the daughter of Albanian parents who is fed up with the current state of affairs in New York and wants to pioneer change.

In Albany, Zherka’s first line of business is to bring back safety in New York. This includes repealing Bail Reform and funding the police. At it’s current level, crime is not only affecting citizens of New York but is also having a negative impact on businesses, driving them to leave New York out of fear for their safety. In regards to reproductive rights, Zherka considers herself a common sense woman and states she will always advocate for decisions that benefit women.

A public advocate for over a decade, Zherka has a history of fighting for the public and intends to continue this legacy in Albany.