Meet the Candidates: General Election | James Coll, State Senate District 6

Former New York City police officer, James Coll is running to for Senate in District 6 to address his concerns about the direction New York is headed. A long time resident of Nassau county, Coll intends to spend his time in Albany working to improve the lives of his constituents and get New York headed in the right direction. One of Coll’s main concerns is the rise in crime throughout Nassau county and New York City as a whole.

In Albany, Coll intends to work to repeal Bail Reform as well as improve aspects of criminal justice reform where he finds that common sense has been thrown out the window. Another concern of Coll is the increase in cost of living in Nassau county and other areas throughout New York. As a life-long New Yorker, Coll intends to make changes to ensure that New York remains affordable for its residents. When it comes to the hot button issue of reproductive rights, Coll believes it is settled law in New York and has no intentions to change or overturn any of the protections given to women’s reproductive rights by state law.

Coll, who retired from the police force to spend more time with his children, is the definition of a family man. He can often be found in the crowd at his son’s baseball games cheering him on with enthusiasm as well as supporting his daughter at her dance recitals.