Zeldin visits Glendale to discuss tough-on-crime platform


Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin visited Glendale on Oct. 26 to speak to a favorable crowd about his tough-on-crime approach, something residents in the community have been pushing for. 

Zeldin gathered a crowd near a Mobil gas station located at 71-05 Myrtle Ave., where he was joined by Democratic Councilman Robert Holden. 

“I’m a Democrat, but I’m crossing party lines,” Holden said. “Why? Because all you have to do is look what’s happening in New York City and New York state on a daily basis.”

Holden mentioned that crime has become rampant, and since Gov. Kathy Hochul took office, he says it has only gotten worse.

“People won’t take the subway. My wife said she will never get on the subway again,” Holden said. “We can’t live like this. So we need to elect Lee Zeldin.”

Many members of the South Asian community showed their support to Zeldin as well, most of whom own businesses in the area.

“We are getting robbed every week,” said Glendale gas station owner Karamjit Dhaliwal. “They are coming to steal from our gas station, beating my employees; it’s dangerous. This is not the America we came [to], this is a different country.”