2022 Power Players in Health Care: Karen Ignagni, CEO of EmblemHealth

Kicking off our count down to the publication of our Power Players in Health Care list on October 31st, we asked Karen Ignani, CEO of EmblemHealth, about the intersection of health and technology as well as the rise of holistic wellness practices and the language of wellness, mental health and self-care.

Within this video, Karen discusses the steps EmblemHealth is taking towards modernization, including doing away with outdated modes of communication and replacing them with real-time communication. As we see continue to see a shift in wellness practices within the health care industry, Karen gives insight into the new initiatives that focus on preventive care. Including EmblemHealth’s company WellSpark, that targets mental wellness and burnout with the understanding that once someone is free of mental ailments such as stress, anxiety, and depression it becomes easier to seek preventative care and ensure overall wellness. Our video comes to a close as Karen shares her personal practices of self-care and provides suggestions for those seeking guidance in self-care best practices.