White House launches COVID booster blitz


The White House is working to generate awareness around the COVID booster shot while simultaneously encouraging outreach efforts to connect individuals to the flu and monkeypox vaccines.

The Biden administration rolled out a multi-pronged campaign on October 25 to promote COVID booster shots and treatments before the looming winter season sets in across the country. Federal officials are asking business and education leaders to spread the word about the booster and several different corporations are distributing both vaccines and treatment to communities — including vulnerable populations such as seniors.

Still, even as the White House acknowledges the importance of vaccinating older adults, the administration is also putting an emphasis on getting more shots into the arms of younger people.

“It is critical to get vaccinated as soon as possible,” Dr. Cameron Webb, a senior policy advisor for equity and member of the White House COVID Response Team, said during an interview with Gay City News on October 25.