Meet the Candidates: General Election | Kevin Thomas, State Senate District 6

State Senator Kevin Thomas is running for his third term representing the constituents of the 6th district. Senator Thomas started his career in politics with the goal of improving the quality of life of New Yorkers and hopes to continue on this path upon reelection.

Over the past four years, Senator Thomas has successfully worked to improve the quality of life of New Yorkers . Some accomplishments include: codifying Roe vs. Wade, funding schools, bringing universal pre-k to Long Island, capping property taxes at 2%, and ensuring water infrastructure is protected and well funded – just to name a few. Senator Thomas has always done what is best for his constituents and strives to continue to do so in a third term.

As the current chair of Consumer Protection Committee, Senator Thomas oversees consumer welfare initiatives and ensures that all consumers are protected. Currently, he is working on data privacy legislation to regulate the sharing of private data by companies who sell information without the consumer’s knowledge.

Senator Thomas is a passionate cook and enjoys getting creative in the kitchen for his supportive audience made up of his wife and daughter.