Meet the Candidates: General Election | Martha Rowen, State Senate District 26

Medical Freedom Party Candidate Martha Rowen is running to fill the senate seat in District 26. Rowen is running with the goal of bringing accountability back to New York’s city and state government.

Over the last two and a half years, Rowen states, New York and the country as a whole have been in a crisis that’s turned peoples lives upside down. Rowen believes one of the most important steps in solving this issue is guaranteeing that all New Yorkers have their right to bodily autonomy. This would ensure all people have a right to make their own decisions about their health care, including a woman’s right to abortion.

Rowen believes affordable housing is extremely important. Rent stabilization and rent control made it possible for people in the past to have affordable housing and these options once again need explored as well as new initiatives to ensure every New Yorker has a roof over their head.

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