Meet the Candidates: General Election | Fred Thiele, Assembly District 1

Incumbent Fred Thiele is running for reelection in Assembly District 1, where he has represented his constituents for the past 27 years. Thiele intends to return to Albany and continue the work he has started.

Affordable housing, water quality, and transportation are the top issues Thiele hopes to tackle over his next two years in office.

Thiele has taken steps over the past two years to achieve affordable housing. In recent years, he proposed legislation alongside Senator Anthony Palumbo which works to allow each of the 5 east end towns to create dedicated funds for affordable housing.

Long Island’s water quality has been declining and Thiele hopes to work towards stopping the decline. Thiele supports the Bond Act, which will be on the November 8th ballot, that would address this issue as well as work towards fighting climate change. He also intends push for efforts to upgrade his district’s septic systems and sewage treatment plants.

More and more traffic on the east end has led to the third issue of transportation. During his recent term, Thiele initiated a commuters service with the Long Island Rail Road that he hopes to expand further after reelection.

Thiele still manages to take time for himself outside of his career in politics. He is a long time Mets fan as well as the loving paw-rent of two dogs.

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